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Family Law: divorce, dissolution, child custody, and child support.

When Change Is Inevitable.

Domestic relations lawyers without the skill set to take the matter to trial will undoubtedly fall short for their clients. Read more about attorney Darya Jeffreys Klammer here. Although it is our sincere hope that we can help every family quickly and painlessly transition to a new stage in the family dynamic, domestic relations litigation is as complex as any other litigation. True family law advocates understand that trial skills are an essential component to resolving a case prior to the filing of a divorce, dissolution or complaint for child custody or child support; negotiating a favorable solution during the course of litigation; and ensuring that support and visitation orders are fulfilled. One interesting issue in domestic relations disputes is psychological testing; read Darya Klammer's article on the subject below:

To read an actual news article about Mrs. Darya Klammer's thoughts on prenuptial agreements in Ohio: