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Trial and Litigation: motor vehicle accidents, zoning disputes, and real estate and construction lawsuits.

When Skill Matters.

Our lawyers simply have no apprehension with taking a case to trial. Be it a simple evidentiary hearing, bench trial or jury trial, courtroom advocacy is critical to achieving the best results for a client. We have successfully handled matters from simple automobile accident personal injury matters to a 1.2 million dollar settlement for a devastating wrongful death tragedy as the result of a truck accident. We have also experienced great success outside the personal injury, wrongful death and criminal defense arena. The Klammer Law Office recently represented a locally owned family business in a contract dispute. The case had some very real challenges, but the office successfully settled the matter in excess of 1 million dollars. We are well positioned to assist you in areas of complex civil litigation, be it real estate, zoning and home construction disputes, personal injury, or other such matters. You will find more evidence of our successes at the news and articles page.